The Jammed

"It deserves to be seen by everybody"
David Stratton.
AT THE MOVIES. David & Margaret 

David & interview with Dee

As the story races on, the meaning of the film's title becomes harrowingly accurate. 4½ stars 
George Palathingal, Sydney Morning Herald

The Age - Jim Schembri

Centered on an ordinary young woman-turned-rescuer of victims, pic's integrity and committed performances should spark strong fest interest and generate discussion of a supremely ugly subject.
Variety, Richard Kuipers review

Culturewars article on the impact of The Jammed

The Jammed is a fast, thudding, ultra-timely expose, a bucket of icy cold water thrown on the groggy, ambivalent face of public conscience
Luke Buckmaster, In Film Australia.  

JJJ Review by Mark fennel

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The Jammed is a hard-hitting action drama with a compassionate heart. Review by Bernard Hemingway

A fine, compelling drama which has something profoundly relevant to say about contemporary Australian society.  Urban Cinephile Review

Still one of last year's most accomplished Australian productions, it is a confronting film deemed too hard to sell but which audiences clearly want to see.  Sydney Morning Herald DVD review. Full review by Jacqui Taffe. 

Flicks review 4 stars; people’s review five stars. New Zealand



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The Jammed

AT THE MOVIES interview with David Stratton 

Dee interviewed on Screenhub TV

Australian Screen clip of The Jammed

David Stratton gets excited & Dee talks about the industry

RMIT: Interview with Dee and Andy:

JJJ review by Mark Fennel


Just when it was beginning to look like a ho-hum year for Australian film, along comes The Jammed, a low-budget, locally made shock of electricity that further restores one's faith in just how good Australian social-realist films can be.
 Jim Schembri ‘s Online interview with Dee, The Age

Case studies and educational

featuring The Jammed by Maris Beck The
Amazing check out the full project

A pretty serious article Cultural Jam 'Global womanism' in The Jammed

Culturewars article on the impact of The Jammed, is (Culture Wars is the reviews website of the Institute Of Ideas (IoI) in London. In keeping with the IoI's aim of shaping the future through debate, we review books, films, theatre, art and talk events, with a view to understanding how political and other ideas filter through the culture, and how the arts in turn influence politics and culture more generally. We also publish essays, interviews and articles on the arts, culture and society). 


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