THE SECOND JUNGLE BOOK (1996 Columbia Tristar / US theatrical release), starring Roddy McDowall. Budget - US$7M. 35 trained animals fly from Los Angeles to Sri Lanka. Number 15 in the top sell-through releases for 1997 (Variety Magazine). Dee – Dir;  Andy – Ass. Prod.

RUNNING WILD (1994 Columbia Tristar HV), starring Brooke Shields, Martin Sheen, John Varty.  Animal drama. Andy – Producer,  Dee – Dir/Co-prod/Editor.

THE DOUBLE-O-KID (1994 Crystal Sky Int & A-PIX Ent), starring Corey Haim, John Ryce Davies, Wallace Shaun. Budget US$800,000. Shooting in Los Angeles. Dee – writ/director Andy – writ/Ass producer

 DEADLY CHASE (1992 Crystal Sky Int), starring Christopher Clarke, Nicola Quilter, John F Howard. Made for $80,000 on Super 16m. Psychological thriller. Andy – Producer/writer,  Dee – Director/co-prod/writer

SCAVENGERS (1987 Triax Ent / US theatrical release), starring Kenneth Gilman, Brenda Bakke. Budget of $ 1.2M. Action 007 spoof in Africa.  Dee – Dir/Writer




The set of The second Jungle Book (above)